Izonil Rapid










Izonil Rapid is a concentrated liquid additive to any Portland Cement based stucco, plaster and mortar mixes.  It is designed to enhance the quality and performance of any cementitious material, while increasing worker efficiency, increasing productivity, and reducing overall cost.

By creating and retaining micro bubbles of water throughout the material, Izonil Rapid helps the proper curing of the cement, keeping the wall hydrated.  This makes the material buttery, highly workable and cohesive. Izonil Rapid allows for more material to remain on the wall and not be wasted due to fallout or overspray. Furthermore, Izonil Rapid reduces shrinkage and eliminates hairline cracking due to the improved curing of the cement.  After curing, Izonil Rapid provides a much harder end-product.

Izonil Rapid is designed to work with any Portland cement based plaster, stucco or mortar. It is mixed using basic, normal mixing procedures. It is a tested and proven product, ready for use. It is user friendly, non-toxic and non-irritant to skin.  Izonil Rapid is an environmentally responsible building material.

Advantages for the Contractor
– Minimizes shrinkage and eliminates hairline cracking
   by slowing the evaporation of water
– Creates a harder plaster after proper curing
– Considerably improves workability by creating a
   buttery mix
– Improves cohesion so that material sticks better, to
   avoid dropouts and overspray
– Creates interconnected air pores to ventilate the wall
– Minimizes efflorescence
– Acts as a direct replacement of lime
– Promotes environmentally responsible building
– Reduces wear and tear on equipment (pump aid)
– Is user friendly, non-toxic, non-irritant
– Easy to handle, transport and store
Mixing Ratios

Izonil Rapid is a user-friendly product.  Simply follow your current basic mixing procedures. Izonil Rapid is a concentrated liquid, packaged in a ¼ gallon container. There is no heavy bag, no messy mixing nor complicated mixing ratios.

The amount of Izonil Rapid used should always be in correct ratio to the amount of water used.

1 Part IZONIL RAPID: 100 Parts Water
2.5 Liquid Oz. IZONIL RAPID: 2 Gallons Water

First add 2.5 liquid oz. Izonil Rapid to every 2 gallons of water to dilute.
Then add water containing Izonil Rapid to plaster, stucco, or mortar mix,
just as usually done, according to basic normal mixing procedures.

Mixing Instructions & Application

Simply follow your current basic mixing procedures. Mix well using mechanical mixer, continuous mixer, or by paddle drill until material is buttery and workable. Application is like any other everyday-method used in the plastering industry. Provide sufficient moisture to permit continuous hydration of the cementitious materials. It is important to guard the cementitious material from curing too quickly by applying a fine fog spray of water as needed according to typical plastering procedures. Care must be exercised to avoid erosion damage to plaster surface. Plastered interior walls should be properly ventilated.